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What makes Vietnamese cuisine so special? Vietnamese food is a blend of Chinese and Thai styles. It is considered one of the healthiest cuisines in the world with its combination of fresh and natural ingredients. Vietnamese food ingredients have a distinct and unforgettable flavour which food manufacturing companies take inspiration from every day. It is heavily influenced by the balance of salty, sweet, sour and hot flavours achieved using a fermented fish sauce, cane sugar, the juice of kalamansi citrus fruit and chilli peppers. Vietnamese culture is heavily influenced by the French colonization which began in the 18th century and then finished in 1954. It had a lasting effect on the people, the architecture and most importantly the food.

Here are some popular Vietnamese dishes…


Pho is a Vietnamese national staple which consists of a light beef or chicken broth flavoured with ginger and coriander, which are then added to flat rice noodles, spring onions and slivers of chicken, pork or beef. The general flavour of pho can vary across the country and most establishments serve it with a table of sauces, spices and herbs so you can season it yourself. As a culinary stock supplier this is one of our favourite dishes and is an instant favourite for anyone visiting Vietnam.

Bun cha

A Hanoi specialty bun cha, is a mix of flavourful barbecued pork, fresh noodles and fish sauce with sliced papaya, carrot and herbs thrown in. It is a simple to make dish which combines both fresh and savoury flavours with great harmony between the vegetables and meat. The name bun cha is not used to advertise this dish in some places in Vietnam because Barack Obama ate the dish in 2016, so it was then advertised under the name Obama noodles.

Goi cuon

A lot of Vietnamese cuisine is boiled, grilled or fried so this dish is perfect if you are craving something a little fresher. Goi cuon, also known as summer rolls, are fresh spring rolls that are packed with greens, coriander and various combinations of minced pork or shrimp. A southern version of this has barbecued strips of pork wrapped up with a green banana and star fruit. Our stock and sauce specialists suggest dipping it into a rich sauce to create the perfect dish. Every bit as tasty as it sounds!

Banh xeo

For people that would rather a savoury pancake than a sweet one, this is the perfect dish for you. Banh xeo is a delicious pork, shrimp, bean sprouts and egg crepe which is fried and then wrapped in rice paper with greens and then it can be dipped in an array of culinary sauces before eaten. Banh xeo translates to sizzling cake, this comes from the noise it makes when frying and tells us while it might look healthy, it is as healthy as a cake.

Banh mi

Heavily influenced by the French colonization, banh mi is a delicious example of Franco-Vietnamese food. It has a crusty French baguette as its foundation which is filled with meat, fresh vegetables and a sweet sauce. The Vietnamese have taken a French concept and put their own cultural twist on it. It’s so good it’s been imitated around the world by food ingredient companies and restaurants.

Let’s Cook

With healthy eating becoming more and more popular, people are looking to learn more about Vietnamese food and what products in this range are on offer to them. If you are interested in introducing a Vietnamese range to your customers and need a food ingredient manufacturer get in contact with The Culinary Food Group Team.