Declan Doyle and Keith Russell

TCFG Supporting People in our Community

We were delighted to sponsor Irish ultra runner Keith Russell in Big Dogs Back Yard Ultra World Championship which took place in Tennessee in October 2023. Backyard Ultras have emerged as one of the most unique and mentally demanding forms of endurance running in the world of ultramarathons.

Keith started running with his daughter Alanna (who had spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy) in October 2016 to run the Dublin City marathon in October 2017. They fundraised over €70,000 for a wheelchair accessible bus for The Meadows Respite Care Home in Navan.

Alanna sadly passed away suddenly at home on the 13th December 2017, 9 days after her 8th birthday.

Since then Keith has focused on running and and started taking part in ultra marathons.

Back Yard Ultra – A simple test of the pure will to win

Backyard is not a test of speed or strength. It is a simple test of the pure will to win.  4.166667 miles / 6.7 km in under an hour, it is not that hard.
Keep stepping up to the line until you are the only one left. That is hard. Unimaginably hard.
70 champions stepped to the line Saturday 21st of October. But only one walked away at the finish. Harvey Lewis with a world record breaking 108 loops of 6.7km, the champion of champions.
Keith battled the intense humidity for an incredible 74 loops before timing out. A lot of lessons learned and he will be back in Tennessee in 2025 for the next World Championship.