Elevate Your Culinary Creations with High-Quality Stock Brining

Now that BBQ season is well and truly underway why not explore the benefits of brining meats and prevent the typical dried out texture of over-cooked meats!

Enhance meat flavour and tenderness using Lo-Gel Liquid Natural Stocks from The Culinary Food Group in your brine recipe. In addition to standard Lo-Gel stocks we can create a recipe featuring our unique dashi base and rich roasted oils to deliver that extra punch of flavour without adding further ingredients.

Our LoGel stock brine this delivers unparalleled moisture retention, enhanced flavour, and improved tenderness for a variety of meats. By leveraging the unique properties of our dashi-based stock brine, we also provide a solution that not only elevates the taste of your culinary creations but also aligns with modern health-conscious trends by reducing added salt content in standard brines.

Why Brining Works

Brining involves soaking meat in a salt solution with higher concentration than in the muscle cells. Salt ions diffuse into the cells, enhancing water retention through osmosis and capillary action. This process increases meat weight, keeping it juicy and flavourful while preventing protein coagulation for a tender texture.

The Science Behind Stock Brining

TCFG’s LoGel Liquid Stocks used in your brine recipe enhances meat tenderness by reducing pH, swelling muscle fibers, accelerating proteolytic breakdown, and boosting collagen solubilization. Injecting meat with this natural stock brine recipe enhances flavour and maintains the fresh natural meat flavour throughout the dish’s shelf life. This delivers a step change in product performance.

The Unique Benefits of Our Dashi-Based Stock Brine

Our Dashi based LoGel Stock Brine recipe enhances meat flavour and also facilitates a reduction in added salt while still maintaining a salty taste through potassium richness. This stock brine creates a flavourful, juicy, succulent meat product performance that cannot be matched by a standard brine!

The Culinary Food Group’s Commitment to Excellence

At The Culinary Food Group, we are dedicated to providing top-tier brining solutions that not only improve the texture and juiciness of meat but also enhance its flavor in a health-conscious way. Our high-quality stock brine is designed to meet the needs of discerning chefs and home cooks who demand the best in their culinary creations.

Discover how our advanced stock brine can elevate your dishes and bring out the best in your meat. Try The Culinary Food Group’s stock brine today and taste the difference quality makes.