The Culinary Food Group is a family of food lovers, chefs, innovators and visionaries who have a unique approach to creating high quality food. Within The Culinary Food Group, there are four specialist and distinct technologies – Simply Stock, Simply Sauce, Simply Pasta and Simply Prepared.

Over many decades we have become experts in manufacturing natural stocks, sauces, pasta and culinary ingredients. We believe food production is worthy of excellence and for us, that means excellence in quality, service, food safety and our secret ingredients that help us achieve excellence in culinary delivery.

Simply Stock

A complete range of natural stock solutions, Simply Stock products are the heart of our business and core to delivering unique flavour for finished product excellence.

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Simply Sauces

A wide portfolio of bespoke and innovative sauces, soups, pastes and dressings inspired by recipes from around the world

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Simply Pasta

Fresh and frozen, filled and unfilled pasta made daily using Italian durum wheat semolina and fresh natural ingredients.

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Simply Prepared

A variety of formed butters, melts, toppers, stuffings and crumbs created by chefs, with unique and enticing flavours.

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