Simply Prepared is our new culinary ingredients offering. We produce flavoured formed butters, melts, toppers, stuffings and crumbs. Simply Prepared ingredients are excellent additions to finish a dish, adding great flavour to a huge range of dishes including meat, fish, vegetables and so on. We use the best ingredients and offer a wide range of flavour options including bespoke developments for our customers.

Here at the Culinary Food Group we create a variety of different formed butters, melts, toppers, stuffings and crumbs from fresh natural ingredients.

Our Simply Prepared product offerings are ready-to-eat!

Our culinary solutions are created by our development chefs, with unique and enticing flavours and bring a simple and versatile twist to many dishes. They bring innovation and excitement to products, with fantastic flavour and texture.

Simply Prepared products are available fresh and frozen in ready-to-eat pellets, logs and bags, with vegan, gluten free and free from options available.

Corn with butter
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Stuffed Chicken with Asparagus & Crumb