Our talented chefs combine the art of food science and culinary arts to create delicious sauces, soups, pastes and dressings. We have a wide portfolio of great, innovative recipes from around the world, bringing a new dimension to the sauce category for retail, foodservice and manufacturing sectors.

The art to making a great sauce is understanding the basic’s while using the finest ingredients such as natural stocks and fresh natural ingredients, years of culinary knowledge and understanding, which together create recipes that deliver excellent flavour, texture, colour and most importantly consistency.

We take our time to understand our customers development needs by working in partnership with you, understanding your customer’s needs, and analysing market insights all of which enables us to develop a range of innovative trend setting sauces that are guaranteed to deliver for you and your customers. Our chefs develop bespoke recipes as traditional or innovative as required.

Over the years we have created not only punchy tasty sauces but delightful glazes, pastes, marinades and cook in sauces. We also have a range of flavoured oil products which can be used as butter bases or drizzles for pizza, salads, ready meals and pasta products.

Our delicious Simply Sauces are available in ready-to-eat sachets, bags, pots and IBCs, and can be tailored to meet your needs. Vegan, nut free, gluten free and free from options are also available.

Pumpkin Soup
Sticky Toffee BBQ Pork
salmon with sauce