World Cuisine – Irish Food

Although things are different this year…The world generally celebrates St Patricks day every year on 17th March and iconic landmarks go green as part of the celebrations. Irish food, drink, culture and traditions are celebrated worldwide, and everyone claims to be “Irish for the day!” So… what better global cuisine to explore this month than our very own – Irish. For this month we are looking at some traditional Irish food and dishes…

Irish Stew

Irish stew was traditionally made with mutton, however lamb is the popular choice of meat today. Added to the stew is usually potatoes, onions, leeks, and carrots. Fresh natural stock is a key ingredient, the stew is seasoned with a variety of herbs and cooked until the meat and vegetables are tender. Stew is always a popular dish during the winter.


An Irish dish that is generally associated with Dublin. Made with bacon, pork sausages and potatoes. It is the ultimate comfort dish and popular in the winter months also. It was traditionally a good way to use up leftovers from the week and there are hundreds of variations of coddle. Many Irish people have their own favourite family versions and recipes. We like to make ours with some Simply Stock too!


With potatoes being a staple food for the Irish, its no surprise Colcannon is an Irish favourite. Made with mashed potato, cream, butter, kale or cabbage, and spring onions.  It is usually served with boiled ham or Irish bacon.

Bacon and Cabbage

What do Irish people eat? The answer is usually bacon and cabbage. Although that’s not the case, we better include it here! Traditionally made by boiling – bacon, cabbage and potatoes. Served with parsley sauce which adds flavour to this well-known dish!

Black & White Pudding

Ireland is known for its pudding both black and white. A key part of a full Irish breakfast but there are plenty of other ways pudding has been incorporated into dishes. For example, served in salads, with chicken, with scallops etc.


Boxty is a potato pancake, made from raw grated potato mixed with mashed potato, it is then added to a pancake like batter and then fried. Boxty can also be boiled or baked, however frying is the most common. Boxty’s can be served with almost anything such as bacon, salmon, eggs or served as part of a full Irish breakfast.

Ireland is well known for good quality food, meat, dairy products and ingredients. The above may not be typical dishes that you would see in retail or on restaurant menus, however in celebration of St Patrick’s Day we explored some traditional Irish dishes.

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