What trends are we seeing in the health and wellness market?

Stocks and Broths are on the rise, and we can see why!

Stock isn’t usually the most attractive thing in our kitchen it is probably bought and then straight away put to the back of our cupboards. Although we usually store our stock out of sight and forget that we even bought it, we need to think again because this flavourful liquid does more for us than we even know! It is 2023 and we are all making new year’s resolutions with health and wellness usually being at the top of everyone’s lists. We are all very conscious about what we are eating and how it influences our bodies and the environment. In 2021 the health & well-being food industry was worth €715.9 billion and by 2025 is expected to grow by 4.9%.The product that is coming to the forefront of the health and wellness industry is natural stock or bone broth drinks which are taking social media by storm because of all the health benefits that they contain. Popular celebrities Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Aniston and Amy Schumer are seen to be promoting collagen and bone broth online sharing how good they are for us and our bodies, hair, and skin growing in popularity with the infamous Avocado. Collagen makes up 30% of the protein in the human body, and its production slows during the ageing process, leading to skin wrinkles, joint pain, weaker muscles, and lower bone density. It has a unique relationship with vitamin C which helps the body produce collagen.


What are the benefits of a healthy stock?

It is high in protein, gut-friendly, contains collagen and is low in calories and fat. Not only is stock healthy for your body it is healthy for the environment and the planet as it uses materials that would have previously been wasted. Stocks and broths can be a big part of a flexitarian diet,  are convenient, and can be bought locally. A big benefit is the natural, clean label declaration alongside it. Consumers are seeking food and drinks that can protect them, 72% say they understand the link between good digestive health and good overall health and recognise the association of ingredients such as probiotics, prebiotics, and fibre as aiding their digestive system. Emerging evidence is also highlighting the link between gut health to the brain through the gut-brain axis. This is where connections have been discovered with the gut and stress levels, mental health, cognitive function and even sleep health – this is on consumers’ minds and is set to grow in the coming years.


Why is our Simply Stock Range a great addition to any food?

Here at The Culinary Food Group, we specialise in natural stocks & broths that are perfect for any food – our Simply Stock Range provides excellent depth for great flavour delivery and a wide range of health benefits. We take bones from our own farms and carefully selected partner farms; we slowly roast them with vegetables to develop a fabulous colour and flavour profile and we then slow-cook these stocks in large pots for up to 14 hours. This slow cooking process extracts all the natural flavour from the  ingredients. The Simply Stock Range is a great addition to any food with its rich colour and flavour profile boosting the performance of many dishes, the naturally sweetened flavours that come from our stock can give your food that natural taste without the addition of salt or sugar! They can also be used as a drink to replace tea or coffee in the diet with a natural, high collagen, high protein equivalent.


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