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Visiting Anuga Trade Fair – Cologne

The Culinary Food Group visited Anuga which took place in Cologne at the beginning of October. As a food manufacturer it is important to us that we stay on top of trends and keep updated on the latest food and drink innovation by attending big events such as this.

Anuga is the world’s largest trade fair for food and beverages, with 7,590 exhibitors and approximately 170,000 visitors. It is a really impressive fair and we could easily have spent five days wandering around the enormous halls and investigating what was on offer from some of the world’s top global food companies!

Some interesting aspects of the overall show were Anuga Horizon 2050 which was an exhibition with a focus on the future of food, and Anuga Trend Zone hosted by Innova Market Insights and Euromonitor presenting the latest trends in the food industry.

Plant based and vegan products were popular across the show as well as protein alternatives including insect based products. Meat free burgers and sausages were prevalent as well as blended meat products. Organic and free from options had a strong presence, as did ready-to-eat and food on the go options.


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