Vietnamese Pho

Ultimate Stock Solutions

At the Culinary Food Group our Simply Natural Stocks are the heart of our business. Our unique cooking methods and slow roasting of bones not only adds unique depth of flavour but gives us a fantastic base in creating deliciously tasty recipes. We are expert stock manufacturers and pride ourselves in top quality, culinary stocks.

Here are some ways you can incorporate Simply Natural Stocks in your dishes…

Pork Ramen
We have eaten our fair share of ramen here at the Culinary Food Group, each with it’s own distinct character, but a preferred flavour without a doubt is Pork Ramen. Deep flavoured comforting broth and tender pork meat, this dish relies ultimately on the broth here we use our Meaty Roast Pork Stock to give that umami, fatty depth that you just want more of!

broth in saucepan

Chicken Broth
Stock is an extremely helpful base when it comes to building great flavours in any broth. We use our Classic Simply Chicken Stock as it is fresh and full of flavour but doesn’t overpower other ingredients needed to build that perfectly healthy and nutritious Chicken Broth.

Miso Soup
Have you ever wondered why your miso soup doesn’t taste like your favourite Japanese restaurant miso soup? If you’ve been stirring miso paste with water and hoping you’ll get that restaurant quality taste, then you’ve been doing it wrong. The secret ingredient you are missing is Simply Dashi Stock!

Contact us for more information on our full Simply Natural Stock Range or to work with Simply Stock in your products.