TCFG Environmental Strategy | Origin Green Accreditation

Origin Green Accreditation

The Culinary Food Group has recently become verified members of Origin Green.
This now is our Sustainability Charter, a mechanism whereby we the food producers of Ireland can learn from, and share ideas with other members in our quest to be the most environmentally friendly and sustainably focussed Country in The World. Our island status and climate allows us to produce some of the best foods available on the planet, and with the aid of Origin Green we intend to spread this news to the consumers of the world.

The Culinary Food Group Environmental Strategy

The Culinary Food Groups ‚Äúproject sustainability‚ÄĚ is an ambitious, focused and inclusive response by a leading Irish Food Group to respond to large UK and European retail customers requests to meet new higher energy reduction goals: practically demonstrating a sustainable competitive and transferable model for reducing energy use to the Group‚Äôs Directors Management and staff.

The Culinary Food Group, comprising of Simply Soups, Pasta Concepts and QK Cold Stores have developed a plan that strives to reduce waste / reduce energy / reduce water consumption. Also to implement the highest standards in animal welfare. To be a neighbour of choice and be part of the local community, with local sponsorship been provided for selected clubs and organisations. The financing of Roundabouts at the entrance of our town and seeking out needy charities where we as a Group can make a difference to families in need or to assist where funding is needed for worthy causes.

The Origin Green Accreditation

To achieve The Origin Green member’s accreditation, we involved all departments in the Group, from Quality assurance / Engineering / Environmental / Finance / Production / Sales / HR. And by doing so we received full buy in from all staff and Managers. Now we have a team who maintain the standards set out in our charter and update our Origin Green charter as changes arise. We have implemented a Monitoring and targeting system whereby we can verify we are reaching and sometimes exceeding our targets and stretch targets. The Origin Green membership and supporting documentation is subject to audits from SGS, and therefore is a more meaningful charter.
This project has already: reduced energy use: secured production efficiencies: exceeded targets: enhanced competitiveness: developed a transferable model: and generated Origin Green awareness and importance within The Culinary Food group. Our aim now is to be a leader and to meet all the Sustainability challenges so as we can play our small part in protecting our planet, and by setting better standards for the many generations to follow.

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