It’s a day for a Burger!

History of the Burger

There have been numerous claims to the origins of the Hamburger but the general consensus is that it originated in Hamburg, Germany and is thought to be a derivative of Frikadeller which are essentially flat meatballs, served warm in between two pieces of toasted bread. The earliest recorded recipe for a “Hamburgh sausage” goes back to 1758!

Types of Burgers

Nowadays practically anything sandwiched between two buns can be called a burger, the options are near limitless with Beef, Chicken (fried or grilled), Lamb, Pork, Fish, Veggie (Beans and Mushrooms) and now even Vegan “meat” designed to look and taste like beef mince.

Toppings & Buns

From the standard; lettuce, onion & tomato to the out there Doughnut Burger at Red’s true BBQ which is a bacon double cheese burger with glazed doughnuts as the buns to the absolutely outlandish Vatican on Ice at Canada’s Burger Priest, a dessert burger of an Ice-cream patty with grilled cheese sandwiches as the buns! Practically anything and everything can be used to continue the completely customisable nature of the burger.

What can the Culinary Food Group do with burgers?

We can use our natural stocks to boost the flavours in beef burgers, from roast beef to bone marrow the depth of flavour they deliver is incredible. Simply Stock will also assist in keeping the burger moist in the hands of the most novice BBQ’er. We can use all other protein stocks to brine the meats for other burgers, this will give excellent depth of flavour. Alternatively we can create flavoured stock pastes as a burger blend, for example caramelised onion & roast beef, Korean spiced chicken or Harissa & rose lamb.

Regarding Simply Sauces, we can create a huge amount of burger sauces, such as beer cheese sauce, tomato relish, chilli sambal to name a few. At The Culinary Food Group, under our Simply Prepared technology we can also create oozy cheese melts for your burger, including smoked cheese melt, grilled red pepper melt, rarebit melt, dill pickle melt, the list is endless…

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