For the love of BBQ

Our Simply Natural Stocks can be added directly to burger mince to elevate the burgers flavour and succulence, preventing it from drying out on the BBQ. These stocks are also added to our range of Simply Sauces, which we can produce in sachet format ranging from 30g up to 300g for finishing sauces or dipping sauces. We also produce sauces in bulk format to add to slow cook meats which require a further cooking process, such as pork shoulder and brisket or ribs which are firm favourites on the BBQ.

We have a range of Simply Prepared Ready-To-Eat Butters, which are packed with flavour. We also use our stocks in some of our butters to add a meaty flavour to dishes cooked on the BBQ. We aim to use the freshest of ingredients, fresh herbs and citrus juices and zests to deliver an extra layer of flavour to BBQ meats or side dishes. Our Simply Prepared Melts are similar to our butters and use all fresh ingredients as well as using ingredients with provenance such as taw valley cheddar or Kashmiri chilli.

Our melts add a fantastic extra layer of flavour to burgers, steaks and even bring pasta dishes alive.The Culinary Food Group - Home Page BannerWhen deciding on flavours for our sauces, butter and melts for Summer we use market and consumer insights, so you are guaranteed the most up to date flavours and trends in our products.

One of our favourite dishes we have cooked up on the BBQ this summer has been a seared Wagyu Steak cooked medium rare and covered in our Simply Prepared Kimchi Butter, served with charred tender stem broccoli – basting the broccoli with Simply Miso & Mustard BBQ Sauce.

If you would like to work on Summer Product Innovation please contact us today and we would be more than happy to collaborate!