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Pasta, Pasta, Pasta

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As a food manufacturer with fresh pasta making capabilities, it is music to our ears that in this gluten free society, pasta seems to be coming back in a big way.
A main reason behind the return is the ‘Instagrammable’ quality of pasta as well as it being a very popular comfort food.

Classic pasta dishes lend themselves very well to today’s world, strong trends of quality ingredients and provenance are key. A look at the menu of Padella in London, a restaurant by Borough Market where people queue around the corner for their pasta, tells one all they need to know about pasta and quality, with dishes like Fettucine with Cobble Lane Cured Nduja, Mascarpone & Lemon or Tagliarini with dry chilli, garlic & pangrattato.

The simplistic nature of pasta lends itself very well to culinary sauces, another of our strong suits. Very rarely does true authentic Italian food contain any more than five ingredients, this was noticed in our recent Market Insights trip to Terra Madre in Dublin.

The rise of flexitarianism is perhaps another driver behind the growth of pasta, as we strive to eat less meat and reduce our carbon footprint, pasta is the easiest go-to for a substantial meal!

Finally, as we also have the capability to be a gluten free and vegan food manufacturer, we are fully behind the rise of pasta, in all shapes & sizes.


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