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  • Natural Flavours Developments
  • Slow Roasting of Bones
  • Total Traceability
  • Natural Ingredients

Simply – Expert Natural Stock Manufacturing

Simply manufacture natural culinary stocks. Since 1995 our chefs have been perfecting the art of slow roasting natural bones mixed with fresh vegetables, aromatics and meat trimmings to make delicious stocks with excellent depth of flavours.

The bones are slow roasted for up to 5 hours to create wonderful colours in the stocks. Each stock is then simmered for up to 16 hours, bringing out the natural flavours and avoiding the need for any extra salt or additives.

What sets Simply stocks apart is that our chefs have the benefit of sourcing bones directly from our own farms. They have full control and total traceability right from the farm to finished product. We only work with strategic ingredient suppliers that we know well and trust.

Simply manufacture stocks for food producers, restaurants and hotels and we can supply gluten free stocks if required. The quality of our Culinary Stocks is second to none.

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