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Meal Solutions

This is the newest addition to The Culinary Food Group born out of the growing need to produce value added poultry, beef and lamb products that embrace all our amazing ingredients from stocks to sauces, stuffings, butters and marinades all handcrafted and bespoke to your needs.

Established in 2014, Meat & More specializes in the ready-to-cook category across all species for the retail and foodservice sectors from a dedicated 20,000 sq. ft. BRC Grade A facility.

Our chef led product development process, in-house master butchers and traditional hand-made preparation methods combine to deliver culinary rich meal solutions bespoke to our customers’ requirements.

Protein from our own farms and factories, our range of manufactured premium sauces & glazes, flavoured butters, and bespoke fresh-made stuffing’s bring best in class taste profiles and textures to enhance the flavour and texture of any protein portion.

Our premium dressed veg accompaniments will compliment any main meal solution or stand alone as a creative and convenient side dish.

The Culinary Food Group| 06-05-2016
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