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TeamMeet: Caroline O’Reilly – Senior Culinary & Innovation Technologist

We recently caught up with Caroline O’Reilly, who when isn’t out training for her first marathon is Senior Culinary & Innovation Technologist, at The Culinary Food Group. We wanted to find out how Caroline got into the food industry, what her role involves and what food trends are taking place as we head towards 2019. […]

The Culinary Food Group 01-08-2018

The Ultimate BBQ Burger

Tip: Let it rest! After cooking your delicious burger let it rest for 3 or 4 minutes. This allows the juices on the exterior of the burger redistribute making it extra juicy when you take your first bite! Summer is finally here!!! This month we thought we would share with you our secrets to the […]

The Culinary Food Group 29-05-2018

Recipe of the Month: A Healthy & Hearty Vegan Tortilla Soup

Tip: Don’t be afraid to get creative as you get used to making this recipe. You can easily add new and exciting toppings to create stunning flavours. Veganism is on the rise and there’s lots of trendy Vegan restaurants popping up that are cooking wonderful tasty dishes. We were recently at the Casual Dining Expo […]

The Culinary Food Group 11-05-2018

The Casual Dining Expo 2018

Last month Pasta Concepts and The Sauce Room exhibited at the Casual Dining 2018 expo in London. Our Team love getting out on the road and meeting up with our customers and having the chance to network with new businesses. Three of our chefs, Derek, Liz and Alan, were cooking up some culinary delights for […]

The Culinary Food Group 15-04-2018

Roast Pork Loin with Baked Rhubarb, Orange & Tarragon with Fondant Potatoes

Tip: To get the perfect crackling, getting the oven temperature correct is absolutely critical. We suggest using an oven thermometer to make sure that the stated oven temperature is correct. Welcome along food lovers! Our chefs have put together a cracking or should we say crackling recipe for you this month…. Roast Pork Loin with […]

The Culinary Food Group 03-04-2018

Baked Herby Lamb Shoulder with Bubble & Squeak and Mint Sauce

Tip: Keep an eye on the lamb in the oven, the aim is to for the lamb to be so tender and succulent that it falls off the bone. It may help if left to bake a little longer. Welcome along everyone, we’ve got an incredible recipe that’s packed full of flavour for you to […]

The Culinary Food Group 12-02-2018

TeamMeet: Rhonda Willoughby – Senior Food Technologist

We’re back with another TeamMeet article! We recently sat down with Rhonda Willoughby, Senior Food Technologist at The Culinary Food Group to find out a little more about how she got into the food industry, what her job involves and to see what exciting food trends are in store for 2018! At The Culinary Food […]

The Culinary Food Group 08-01-2018

Christmas Dessert – Salted Caramel Buche de Noel

Tip: Don’t be scared to treat yourself to a second slice after your hard work – it’s Christmas after all!!! Welcome back for our final part of the Christmas Recipe Series. You’ve devoured a gorgeous Duck Rillettes starter, tucked into the Ultimate Christmas Turkey and now it’s time for a delicious dessert before you put […]

The Culinary Food Group 15-12-2017

The Ultimate Christmas Turkey

Tip: Let it rest! The best way to lock the juices into the turkey is cover it with tinfoil and let it rest for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Don’t cover the turkey too tightly though because it may begin to steam underneath the foil. Ho! Ho! Ho! Welcome back for Part 2 of our […]

The Culinary Food Group 15-12-2017

Christmas Starter – Duck Rillettes

Tip: Don’t be afraid to cook the duck for longer at a slightly lower temperature so that the meat is falling off the bone. Welcome along foodies, we hope you had a great year and enjoyed trying out our recipes along the way. What was your favourite one?? With the days being a touch colder, […]

The Culinary Food Group 15-12-2017

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