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The Culinary Innovation Centre

Commissioned in 2013, the Culinary Innovation Centre is an advanced state-of-the-art facility, which nurtures creative thinking and is our dedicated hub for innovation. The Innovation Centre teams of dedicated culinary development chefs, innovation technologists and project managers work with our market insights team.  Collaboratively they introduce new food concepts that are always  in high demand with our consumers.

The Innovation Centre has an open plan development kitchen which has equipment suitable to design any product for the retail, manufacturing and foodservice categories. Connected to the kitchen, is our mini pilot plant which allows the team to verify the recipes you develop with us on the same day using factory replicable equipment. You can leave knowing your recipe has been signed off in the kitchen and pilot plant on the same day thus fast tracking your innovation process and allows you a speedier route to market.

All businesses within the Culinary Food Group are supported by the Culinary Innovation Centre which helps the company meet the ever-changing demands of customers and excel in their given areas. We ensure best in class innovation is provided to our customers and our chefs would be delighted to work with you on any of your recipe development or culinary ideas that you would like to see brought to life.

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